The mission of Tbilisi Private School “Polyglot” is to make effective, secure, modernized comprehensive institution, which is committed to bring up a patriot, free-thinking, socially active citizen, which will be competitive in today"s rapidly changing world and will contribute to future productivity in modern life.

The purpose of the school is to establish respect for the universal and national values for students, public awareness based on democratic values, civil and social responsibility, tolerance and religious principles in religious relations.

The school provides students with high-quality educational service, which will help them to master new skills independently in future and making a successful business career.

The school is determined to create favorable conditions for all students and the teacher"s personal and intellectual development, self-realization and self-determination by considering their intellectual abilities and interests.

The school aims at strengthening teaching of foreign languages, for which training is carried out by Oxford and Secondary Education Curriculum of Cambridge Universities.

School activity is directed towards the introduction of innovative educational technology and educational projects, which will support the private school “Polyglot” for establishing a worthy place between competitive schools in Tbilisi.

The school intends to establish partnership with micro-socium, as well as other regions of Georgian and foreign schools.